Dehydration in older adults

Encourage older adults to drink more water by keeping full glass of ice within reach

Dehydration often found in older adult due to poor fluid intake. It is important to hydrate to prevent complications.

With dehydration, the body becomes starved for oxygen and other nutrients, and unable urinate to remove waste products. Dehydration may lead to fatal. The human body needs fluid everyday.

Older adults tend to become dehydrated due to less body water than younger adults, kidneys may not function effectively, decreased thirst sensation.

Older adults due to physical condition like unable to walk, access to fluids, cognitive impairment, not feeling thirst will lead to poor fluid intake. Some of the Signs and symptoms of dehydration are Weight loss, increased heart rate, low blood pressure, poor skin turgor, dry mouth and tongue, decreased urination, constipation, and decreased in mobility, weakness, lethargic, dizziness., light headed. may lead to fall.  Everyone needs eight 8-ounce  glasses of water each day.

Prevention of dehydration in older adults.

Encourage older adults to drink more water by keeping full glass of ice or water within reach

Take fluids in between meals

Provide reminders by writing or ongoing instructions to drink

Teach older adults and caregivers signs and symptoms, prevention is better than cure.

Encourage to take water bottle when go outside.

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