Clap Lights – A simple way for seniors to avoid falling in the dark

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Clap lights are lights controlled by sound activated circuit boards, and they solve a real problem for seniors.

The clap lights are indeed a very handy device for the elderly. Remember, a large % of health problems for the elderly happen because of falls.

Check out these links that provide some stats on how lethal and fatal falls can be- Link 1 & Link 2.

We have seen how many times, falls for seniors happen when they try to walk towards a switch in the dark. This problem can now be taken care of through the Clap Lights.

The idea is simple – rather than seniors needing to walk some distance to switch on a light, just clap, and voila, the light is on!

What easier way for old people to have the lights switched!

How do these work? Rather simple – the work is done at a small box that you plug the light bulb into; this box is further plugged into an electrical outlet in the wall. Inside this box is a sound activated circuit board.

Here is a detailed article on this from – did not know that this product existed for over 3 decades!

This is a product I am soon going to try out for my dad to see how much easier his life is made.

To get more details on how these clap lights work, check out this product description at Ebay . Or if you like Amazon over eBay, here’s a product at Amazon too.

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